Hey there. I was born in Ireland in the 70s (how auspicious, I am sorry I don't have any colour photographs of Ford Cortinas here). After a lot of travelling, I'm now living in Paris since 2003. In fact, I have both French and Irish nationalities. I am an astronomer at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris; you can find my work page here. I work on all the interesting things that we currently know the least about (dark matter, dark energy). 

These pages are home to my photographs. They were mostly taken with a Leica film camera and a simple manual-focus 50mm lens.  I've developed and scanned them myself; this process a nice antidote to binary rigours of digital imaging and computer software. In photography, I really adhere to "keep it simple" school of thought; imposing limits really does lead to better photographs. At work I am steeped in the latest technology and the most advanced detectors, here I prefer the simplicity of film photography.  

On my curiously-titled blog you can find many more things to read and look at.  Thanks.

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